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Massage for
Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Infant Massage for
Parents and their Infants

The Maternal and Infant Massage Program (MIMP) aims to help improve the pregnant woman’s adherence to their prenatal access-to-care visits.  Additionally, parental instruction for infant massage will be incorporated during the Postpartum period as a tool to enhance the mom and baby bonding.

You  may book individual prenatal/post-partum massage sessions with Edwina Davis at The Stillpoint Wellness Spa in Takoma Park, MD

Infant Massage

The mom/dad (or caregiver) and baby attachment and bonding is important in the child's brain development and future health outcome including the child's social and emotional development. Massage enhances this aspect of the child's health through consistent and focused touch.

Dad and baby bonding
Mom massaging baby
Happy baby masage

Private sessions available.

Contact Edwina here.

Mom and baby bonding

Edwina Davis:

Phone:  (202)-365-7369  

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Washington - District of Columbia - United States


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