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Infant Massage

Benefits of Infant Massage
  • Aids in baby's digestion
  • Helps calm and relax baby
  • Soothes the baby to help reduce crying
  • Improve sleep patterns
Available to to all infants 0-6 months and their caregivers. (moms, dads, other caregivers.)

Infant Massage Class Description:


The Infant Massage classes are taught in 4 weekly 1 hour sessions via Zoom.  Instructor will provide an educational session and  demonstrate the massage techniques during the class sessions as well as coaching parents through the sessions. 


Parents will learn:

  • Benefits of Massage for parents/infants

  • Various proven strokes

  • To customize a massage routine for their infants


Participants that complete also sessions will qualify for $25 gift card.


Private one-on-one sessions are available in the DMV area fpr $150.  The sessions will be provided in the convenience of the parents home.

The mom (or caregiver) and baby attachment and bonding is important in the child's brain development and future health outcome including the child's social and emotional development. Massage enhances this aspect of the child's health through consistant and focused touch.
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